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All About Hintotex

Founded in 2012, Hintotex started from humble beginnings. Co-founded by Andrew Bishop, the business has grown tenfold in just ten years.

Hintotex is an FMCG company that produces and sells some of South Africa’s favourite snacks, beverages and sweets, such as Mama’s (popcorn), Caramel Blast (caramel-coated puffs), PokerFace Popcorn (popcorn) and Big Naks (chips) and more. They believe that good snacking shouldn’t break the bank and should be accessible for families and friends to enjoy together.

In 2012, Hintotex was started with just two trucks, four packing machines, limited extrusion equipment and a small complement of just forty staff members. As of November 2022, Hintotex employs 481 dedicated staff members based at both the head office in Hilton and the production plant just outside of Pietermaritzburg.

Over the last decade, Hintotex has become one of the leading snack brands in KwaZulu-Natal and the need for expansion has become a necessity to keep up with demand. The company is expanding into the Eastern Cape and will eventually be introduced in the Western Cape in the near future.

Hintotex’s growth has been spectacular. The company saw a turnover of $18,025,450 in the last financial year and due to increasing capacity and distribution scope, it is expected that 2023 will see a significant increase in turnover. It’s safe to say that ‘business is booming’.

Hintotex is a bold brand that has a ‘play-to-win’ attitude. They have a vision to pioneer foods that influence people’s lives in a positive way. They are results-focused and love beating the odds.

Hintotex prides itself on the ability to innovate and to remain relevant in South African communities. They are committed to ensuring South Africans can snack on whatever tickles their taste buds. Through an unwavering need to succeed and a love of their brands, Hintotex is set to thrive.

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All About Hintotex

Founded in 2012, Hintotex started from humble beginnings. I co-founded the company with my father, Bruce Bishop, and ...
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